The current administration in Ondo State has sought the help of the World Bank in reforming the old Monitoring and Evaluation system being operated in the State.

This is geared towards providing effective service delivery, accountability to its citizens, ensuring that policy formulation and decision making are based on evidence and results are achieved in relation to its growth and development targets.

Functional M&E system is needed and important in a bid to know the extent of progress being made towards the achievement of various projects executed by the State, hence the need to reform it to conform to current standard.

To achieve this, the State engaged a Consulting firm, Ernest &Young, to develop a new M&E system for the State, and activities of the component for year 2016 according to the approved workplan has started in earnest.

The consulting teams are on ground to carry out M&E data collection and training for Focal Officers of the five pilot MDAs and the six AEAs after submitting the deliverables from February to December 2015.

Also, office equipment for the successful operation of the M&E, E-training centre, domiciled in the State M&E Secretariat had been supplied and other activities of the component await no objection from the bank.

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