The Public Procurement Reforms Sub-Component of the Ondo State Public Sector Governance Reforms and Development Project (ODPSGRDP) had on March 2016 embarked on a two-pronged study tour of the Bureau of Public Procurement (BPP), Abuja and to the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency (PPA) to obtain facts and relevant information that would aid the birth of similar reform in Ondo State.

Meanwhile, the Head of Service of Ondo State Barr. Toyin Akinkuotu had before the trips inaugurated a Technical Committee on Public Procurement, saddled with different responsibilities out of which was the study tours to BPP and PPA.

The Technical Committee, made of eight members was therefore divided into two for the tours; the Lagos PPA team was headed by the Project Coordinator of ODPSGRDP Mr. B.J. Daisi, while that of Abuja BPP was led by Mrs. Yemi Pirisola.

At the end of the two day visits, after the hosts have introduced them to the current status of their activities in the areas of challenges, strategies, corporate structure, human resources, and inter-relations with all MDAs, the delegates both concluded that Ondo State has a hefty mileage to cover if it has to catch up with States that have fully bought into the Public Procurement Reform.
The Committee who believes that Ondo State has the human resources with industry and whatever it will take to achieve the all-important goal, however proposed to the government to intensify effort and establish the Public Procurement Agency/Bureau even though the Bill to this effect has not been passed into law but could catch up in the future.

Aside the hands-on facts garnered by the teams over the course of the tours, BPP and PPA were magnanimous to provide the delegates with various booklets, manuals, publications and gazettes that would go long ways to guide the State when it sets out to implement its public procurement reform.

The Teams thereby appreciated the host agencies for the knowledge acquired by presenting them branded souvenirs of the Ondo State Government, and also acknowledged the full support of ODPSGRDP’ s Task Team Leader at the World Bank, Mr. Ike Iweke.
Areas of visitation during the tour include, in Lagos, office of the Head of Service, Reform Procurement MDAs, State Partnership for Accountability, Responsiveness and Capability (SPARC), among others.
In Abuja, the BPP took the team to visit all its departments and facilities inside the Presidency, meeting all the Directors, and they were given succinct and impactful lectures on the history of the procurement reform in Nigeria.
Other members of the committee are Mr.Akinseloyin, Mr.Olajorin, Mr. Olanusi, Mr.Akinsemola, Mr.Omomofe, and Mr.Orunko.

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